Mollie & bPaulie's Wedding Cake

Mollie & bPaulie's Wedding Cake
Many Thanks to Rosie for decorating the buh jeepers out of that !!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Preview for the week of Feb. 13- Feb.0

   This week, we will be baking in Amy's kitchen in beautiful Northside.
Her husband's birthday is this week, and he is still pondering on what cake he wants.

   We will also be traveling to Lebanon, OH and visiting the home of Karaoke DJ Will Corson. It his time of the month, to bake a Cake to take to the Monthly "Cake Monday" at The Avenue Patio and Lounge in Covington. Will is getting creative, and is going to concoct a special cake in honor of President's Day.

 Chris is still in deliberation about his Cake of the month... Any suggestions?

And Happy Birthday to Carly, Michael, Owen, Delia, Chris H., Lee,Stacey, Maria, Perkins, Frankie, Margie, Connie, Adam, JD, Mitch, Chris B.,Brian, Colleen, Molly, and Michelle


  1. Hello Chris. Hopefully I can help with your deliberation of your cake choice for the next posting, and remember no pressure even though I am your Godfather. How about a SUGAR FREE cake and SUGAR FREE icing. Boring, I know, and I will not hold it against you if you decide to go in another direction, but I do not see any other suggestions!